Did you know, that there is a true rock club just a 10 minute train ride from Tampere? Dystocracy crew ventured out to Lempäälä last night to check out the local live scene, and let me tell you, that trip paid off! Dead Samaritan and A.R.G. absolutely slayed, and good times were had by all.

The metalheads on and off stage were hosted by Välibaari, and the place is just built for live shows! The stage and floor are just the right size for that intimate club feeling, lights and sound system are both pro-level, and the staff friendly – even when you pester them with repeated requests for whisky, tea & honey (gotta kill the flu before next weeks show!)

So do yourself a favour and broaden you horizons when it comes to the local club scene. Ten minutes is nothing, but you might find something great!

p.s. March 9th is a great time to take that first trip…