Time to vote!

Spring is coming and it’s that time of the year again. Time to hit the ballot box and have your say. Except this election is different. You will not be promised free shit with other people’s money, you will not be told lies by some empty suit, and you will not be forced to watch […]

Venturing out

Did you know, that there is a true rock club just a 10 minute train ride from Tampere? Dystocracy crew ventured out to Lempäälä last night to check out the local live scene, and let me tell you, that trip paid off! Dead Samaritan and A.R.G. absolutely slayed, and good times were had by all. […]

Good times @ Maanalainen

Dystocracy crew had a great time at Maanalainen! Thanks to all the happy faces in the packed audience, and a special thanks to Diskreator and Drearyym, go check them out. Also make sure to go out and support your local live music scene – you just might enjoy yourselves while doing it! Maanalainen is an […]