We are lost already. The old, the middle aged and the millenials. We’re gone, there is no hope for us. We have become cemented in our ideologies and we will not change. So if you have chosen the path of taking bribes from politicians that have to be paid for by your own children, and you see no moral qualms in doing so, there is no hope for you. You have succumbed to the lie of socialism and you cannot be helped. You probably should not be helped even if you could be, since you deserve all the scorn that you will face, no matter how harsh. Nothing can be too cruel or unusual when it comes to your punishment.

Because punishment you will face, and you know it. You can already feel it as a chill in your bones. As a distant echo of the rumble of a thunderstorm coming your way. As the foreboding of a sinister prophecy you never quite understood but somehow knew it was about you. Because you will run out of other people’s money. It is inevitable. And when all the debt you put on the rest of us to feed your ego and your fat fucking gut, to buy your way to the top, to inflate your hollow sense of self, to buy advertising to broadcast how we all need you when we all knew you need us more, collapses on the younger generations who had zero say in taking it on, you will face their wrath. What do you think they will do to you, when it dawns on them that you sold their inheritance and their birthrights to feed your greed, and left them enslaved to a faceless globalist shill, enslaved by crippling debt, with crumbling cities and minority status in their own countries?

I wish you are still alive when it finally happens, and so I wish to expedite their awakening. Because I wish to witness their wrath in all its cataclysmic magnificence. I wish to show them your betrayal. I wish to strip the ugly façade you built on the backs of the workers you said you represented and show them how you were the enemy all along. How you made it almost impossible for them to find work, and those who did, were enslaved to buy you the trinkets and social status you so crave. You took a fatter slice of the pie they created than they did, and hardly left them enough to feed their families, all the while preaching about solidarity and fairness. I wish to show them all this so that they can finally free themselves from you and release their righteous, destructive and purifying hate and direct it to where it deserves to be directed.


You will finally get your red society. But you will not like it. Because the red will be flowing on the streets, my dear maggots, but it will be flowing out of you. And a new world will be created, built on the hollow, broken and rotting bones of the old.

From the Ruins of War (Year 6)

Leaders now departed
They’ve reigned
They’ve devoured
Their five-year plans
Their achievements, all immoral
Will come to an end

Children of tomorrow
Rise above this tragedy
Abandon their alchemy
Bringers of vengeance
Of purifying hate
Destructive creators

Promethean disciples
Re-igniters of the lost light
Bring forth a new dawn
Take on the fight
From the ruins of war
Create a world of might

Mouths of the tyrants
Finally silenced
Lady Justice fed
Scarlet maggots dead

Mouths of the tyrants
Finally silenced
Lady Justice fed
Scarlet maggots dead