Bad times create strong men, and strong men create good times. That’s what those who came before you did for you. Remember them? All those oppressive and callous patriarchal exploiters in your unoriginal rhetoric. The ones who came home from wars that reduced entire countries to rubble, who had absolutely nothing and who built the most prosperous and advanced societies ever on the face of the planet. The ones without whom your life would end in abject poverty and misery in mere days. Without the social media apps they created that you use for rent-seeking. Without the smart phones they invented that you use to call the men with guns when you cannot handle the fact that someone does not agree with you. Without the airplanes you use to fly to your climate conferences to demand that driving to work should be banned for the very same men who built, serviced and flew your planes and paid for your trips. Oh the hypocrisy. The indoor plumbing they built for you, without which you would drown in the excrement you spew. The fields they cleared, plowed and cultivated, without which you would starve.

Good times create weak men, and weak men create bad times. We live in times that are exceptionally easy, although we of course hear you whine about all the problems you face. How you deserve more free shit paid for by others, or how someone misgendered you. And just because the times are exceptionally easy, you are also becoming exceptionally weak. You are getting weaker because you are content and entitled. You sincerely believe that you had something to do with creating the world around you, that you are worth it and that it will endure no matter what you do. That entitlement has turned you inwards, made you believe the lie that you are precious and good just the way you are, and the contentment has suffocated your desire to develop into something better.

Life was made easy for you, and the easy life has made you weak and unprepared. Your weakness will create bad times, and the cycle continues.

But the easy life also makes something else easy. Your domination. The way you spend your life as a passive subject of manipulation makes it easy for whoever wants to feed you your next opinion to make you think whatever it is they want you to think. You buy it all, wholesale, and actually believe you came up with an original idea. That we are all equal. That it’s ok for you as a man to leech off the fruits of other people’s labor, ”working” at your useless bureucracy job, the job you only got because you are a sad little hand puppet for a politician guaranteed to never question your master and never ever say no to anything he dictates. That all cultures are equally valuable. That we all have to play along with your latest identity crises that you use to seek attention. That this time around that politician you voted for once again will keep her promise. Honestly.

You stare at screens all day, banning and blocking away all uncomfortable ideas to protect your fragile ego and your ideological feet of clay, and you absorb your identity.  You absorb your political views and the inane platitudes you call opinions that you recite to your friends from the talking heads and repugnantly useless reality show morons that are fed to you to keep you docile.

Reject all that. For once in your life, take a fucking stand. Refuse to be force fed and start feeding. Feeding on the weaklings one of which you used to be, with all the hate and utter disgust that rises out of the realization that you used to succumb to being a fucking slave, and you did it voluntarily. Show no mercy, least of all to yourself.

Become the desolation these times deserve. Show the weak men their salvation whether they deserve it or not, whether they can survive it or not. For most of them cannot. But it does not matter. Those who cannot, are beyond salvation, too weak and too far gone to be of use anymore. They are expendable. Let them fade into the ignominy of the forgotten masses. Their dignity and value have been lost, they are a disgrace.


Your life of blissful sedation
Domination, evolution, my merciless demonstration
Birds of prey are watching us, seeking barren minds to ravage
In this fourth age I will stand determined and savage

The long lost salvation
I become desolation

Humanity’s decayed
Wasting away day by day, your destiny is to fade
I will reject, I will rise. I will do what you will not
I will struggle, I will thrive. I will be what you can not

The long lost salvation
I become desolation

Your pointless existence is wearing me out
As you run out of excuses and lies
Our pack of voracious souls is all that is left
Of this failed nation

The long lost salvation
I become desolation