We all now live among the ruins of socialism, the most corrupt, deadly and hypocritical ideology in the history of mankind. The ideology that has been the cancer of nations and peoples for decades, tearing down liberty and ultimately the lives of over a hundred million people.

The grey walls of various flavours of your creed have imprisoned, tormented and killed people in gulags, concentration camps, cultural revolutions and killing fields. Nothing is sacred in your pious greed. You are not content with what is yours, you must also have what is theirs. You are not content with just the fruit of other people’s labor, you must also control their lives to satisfy your insatiable hunger for power and jealousy bred by your inability to create anything anyone would want voluntarily. You believe your ideas are so good that they must be made mandatory when free people have rejected them time and time again.

You use threats of collectivist violence to enslave and rob people. Of course you never wield that violence yourself, because you know what would happen if you tried. Instead you direct the machinery of the state to do your dirty work for you, while you speak of your special brand of justice – social justice. Justice does not need a prefix, and your justice is a perversion of the concept. This is the way of the socialist. You corrupt everything you touch.

Your ideas – if they can be called ideas – have always been spread by lies and genocide, and they keep on killing people all over the world. Do you not see that you are the disciples of the most murderous ideology in history? And yet, all your lies don’t even raise controversy. We have people in leadership positions spouting propaganda that has led to murder everywhere we have allowed it to be spread, and for some reason we still listen. Why? Why do we let them declare themselves just and moral? Why do we let them lie that they are fighting for us when all they are fighting for is themselves and the endless stream of money taken from those they claim to protect? Why do we let this hypocrisy go on? Why do we not rise up and dethrone these naked emperors?



We all now live among these ruins
Your way of life was their undoing
Grey walls of your creed await
This is the end they contemplate

What is the purpose of your limitless hatred?
In your endless greed nothing is sacred
For your justice they shuffle in line
Fed the lie everything is fine

Your ideas killing, where’s the mercy?
Lies not raising controversy
They withered like burning leaves
We now curse our captors, identity thieves

This admonition, education in blood
We now drown in the same red flood
In this place history was made
Kind reminder, terrible fate

Our voices echo their fate
This devastation, feel my hate

Let their pain
Not be in vain
Let their pain
Not be in vain