Did you really think you live in a free country? Did you really think that the travesty you call a democracy actually has you at the helm? Welcome to reality, welcome to dystocracy. To a system in which you get to cast a ballot every few years and be promptly ignored in the interim.

But what do you need the managerial classes for? The politicians, the mainstream media journalists, the bureaucrats, the trade union criminals, all these mediocre middle managers that you are supposed to listen to. Why? When did you give them the right to rule over you? When did you say that you are unable to think for yourself and you need this new clerical class to make decisions for you? Did they do something to deserve this? Do they somehow make your life better? No. They gave you nothing, yet they demand that you must accept their ideology and everything it entails as the truth and guiding principle in your own life. Well fuck them.

But don’t blame them. They were put in place by their own masters, and given their opinions. They were freed from the daunting world of original thought and lulled in the bliss of ignorance. They are merely the symptom, the useful idiots.

We need to blame ourselves. This all happened because we were asleep. We whine when the politicians lie and steal and chip away at our civil liberties. We gripe when the agenda-driven media feeds us their hollow ideology that echoes their system slave masters and crumbles at the merest hint of reason and evidence. We lament the latest inane decrees of the useless bureaucrat out to save you from yourself. We deplore the trade union pencil-pushers who ruin entire sections of industry for their own narrow-minded gain. And yet we let this happen. We even go to war for these useless toadies. We are to blame for this. We all are. We were watching their propaganda disguised as mindless entertainment. We were wasting away as social media cattle, thumbing away at the ever important timeline. We were fed lies, and we swallowed it all. All this time they were taking away our freedom and property and cementing their positions as the parasites they are. They are now eating at your table, leaving you the crumbs to fight over.

We were staring at shadows on walls while we should have been looking into the light. We swallowed their distractions and believed them when they told us this is all for our own benefit. We renounced all doubt because we were told doubt was whatever-phobic and racist. It is time to end this dream and stop being sheep. It is time to become real again. Turn the tables, and become the bane of the existence of these people feeding off of your life. We don’t need them, they need us. Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning, not as a fucking instruction manual.



They give us nothing, yet they want us to receive
The void of their existence loads ours with deceive
They were put in place, it’s not their fault
Received opinions, freedom from thought

It happened while you were asleep
Now you’re being phased out, made obsolete
Tuned in to their lies while being tuned out
Swallowed their distractions, renounced all doubt

I will end your dream
I will make you real
I will have your life
Turn into their strife

 Find your burning center, find your dark outside
Awaken the fire, rise to the night
Silence preachers, uncover futility
Let your life be controlled by your insanity

I will show you how they lie
I will show you where they die
I will make you doubt
Turn your rage without

This system
Based on hypocrisy
To dystocracy